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Today, the business environment creates new risks and challenges every day. With the advent of the Internet, companies realize that they have to do business in a new way. Cloud technologies are now commonplace.

Companies are created based on ideas, talent and experience, rather than on the basis of geographical location. Staying competitive in today’s fast-paced environment is possible just by focusing on core business processes, as well as on how to make a business more efficient and subsequently more profitable.

Any head of the company is well aware of how much time, money and effort are taken away by problems related to bookkeeping and tax accounting, compiling a wide variety of reporting, paying taxes, communicating with tax authorities. To solve all these problems, additional personnel are hired, their work is monitored and, of course, salaries are paid.

The narrower specialization an employer has, the more competent this expert is in it. Generally, the professionalism of such a person is not in doubt. Typically, the maintenance of an experienced and highly qualified financial specialist in the company’s staff is an exorbitant burden and sometimes it incurs unjustified expenses. The solution is "outsourcing."

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