Frofit Finance. Accounting services in Odessa. Tax consulting in Odessa
Odessa, st. Srednefontanskaya, 30/1. of 14a+38 (098) 768 03 02

Description of the accounting outsourcing service

  • Receiving, analysing and registering primary documents and operations
  • Registering all accounting and tax accounting transactions in the 1C system (specialized accounting software)
  • Payroll calculation for your employees; consulting for accounting in HR issues
  • Calculating of all the taxes you have to pay; creating payment orders on taxes and fees
  • Calculating of depreciation on assets and intangible assets
  • Calculating of interest on loans and credits in accordance with loan agreements
  • Preparing of all necessary reporting (for a month, quarter or year in accordance with the legislation)
  • Consulting on current accounting issues; receiving operational information about the status of settlements and balances in your company’s checking account by phone or email
  • Other services, in accordance with the needs and wishes of our clients

WE GUARANTEE the complete safety of the clients’ privacy, business secrets, AS WELL AS TOTAL CONFIDENTIALITY FOR OUR CLIENTS’ INFORMATION!