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Financial Diagnosis

Financial diagnostics is a process of researching the financial condition of the company’s main financial performance in order to identify reserves to increase its market value and ensure effective development.

The purpose of financial diagnostics is to obtain a balanced and reasonable assessment of the financial condition of the company and to determine the conditions for making optimal decisions.

  • Analysis of the company’s property and the efficiency of its use, providing the company with working capital
  • Analysis of the sources of the company’s property formation and the effectiveness of its use
  • Analysis of the company’s financial results
  • Enterprise cash flow analysis
  • Enterprise profitability analysis
  • Business activity assessment
  • Analysis of asset liquidity and solvency
  • Assessing of financial sustainability
  • Overall assessment of the company’s financial condition

Assessing the investment attractiveness of the company:

The key work of any commercial enterprise is to improve the well-being of its owners and shareholders. In this regard, one of the most important benchmarks determining the correctness of the company’s rate is to increase its investment attractiveness and return to investors. Diagnosing process of the financial condition of the company is particularly acute in the face of increasing competition. Increased competition forces the company’s management to take a fresh look at the choice of performance assessment criteria, in order to identify problem areas in time and improve the company’s performance.

The definition of investment attractiveness is aimed at forming objective, focused information for making an investment decision.

  • Analyzing the investment attractiveness of a certain object of investment, the investor determines not only the stability and profitability of this object, but also all possible risks associated with it.
  • Assessing the commercial component of the investment attractiveness of companies
  • Assessing the financial component of the investment attractiveness of companies
  • Evaluating the performance of companies
  • Assessing the financial sustainability and solvency of companies
  • Integral assessment of the financial condition of companies
  • Mechanism for improving the financial performance of companies